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just_my_type's Journal

Sharing photos of famous men and women that make us happy

Just My Type
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Sharing photos of famous men and women that make us happy
Welcome to just_my_type, a photo sharing community for all famous persons. Members, please feel free to post. Photos and icons are allowed, manipulations are not.

~ Rules ~

If you see something you like, please right_click_save to your machine and load it to your own hosting site. Photobucket is free, so are a few other places, and livejournal has scrapbook available.

All posts require a photo.

One photo allowed outside a cut. Photos outside cut must be no bigger than 500x500 pixels. Photos under the cut can be any size.

Please use the lj-cut tag. < *lj-cut text="whatever you want to say here"* > Remove the * and spaces. All posts must be labeled with who’s in the post. (not everyone knows who’s who)

This community is all ages, so please nothing over a PG13 rating. Men without shirts is fine, bathing suits that don’t expose tender parts is okay, nudity is not.

No flaming, name calling, fighting, arguing.

Any questions, problems, need to talk, please leave a note at nverland and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

~Icon Communities ~